Designer Spotlight: "Keep Calm and Trust your Designer" with Leslie Stephens

CompanyLeslie Stephens Design  

Designers:  Leslie Stephens, CID, Founder and Brooke Spears, Project Designer  

Location:  The Shops at Libbie and Grove, Richmond VA 


Leslie Stephens takes specific steps through collaboration with her clients to construct a space that satisfies and displays her clients’ tastes while also creating spaces that are sophisticated and beautiful.   

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Easy and Fresh Weeknight Meals

It's 5:00 on a weeknight.  I force myself into the kitchen, pour a glass of wine and begin the arduous task of preparing dinner for my family.  The thing is:  I love to cook.  Dinner party?  I'll gladly spend an entire day--days even--preparing the perfect meal, but at the end of a long day, deciding on a meal to cook that is relatively simple to prepare, healthy and that will appeal to my children and my husband is challenging.  I do, however, have a few healthy go-to dinners up my sleeve that I want to share with you!

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Designer Profile: Transform Space with Lesley glotzl

Company: Lesley Glotzl {Interior Decorator}

Designer: Lesley Glotzl

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Lesley Glotzl is an interior decorator that not only strives to bring out the beauty in every space, but she also considers functionality and efficiency in her design. Lesley approaches interior design with the vision that her work will make her clients everyday life much more beautiful and simple.

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Designer Profile: Finding Style with Melissa Mathe Interior Design

Company: Melissa Mathe Interior Design, LLC
Designer: Melissa Mathe, Alicia Conrad
Location: Richmond Virginia

Melissa was once quoted saying, “interior design is the relationship of how you use a room and how you feel in a room. A well designed room will bring out the best in you.”  Those who previously felt they did not have an individual style find it when working with Melissa. 

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designer profile: Double Trouble: Adrianne Bugg and Brandeis Short of Pillar & Peacock

By Lucy Nalen, Marketing Coordinator and Content Writer

Company: Pillar & Peacock
Designers: Adrianne Bugg and Brandeis Short
Location: Irvington, Virginia and Florence, Alabama

“Let’s Create Something Beautiful”.  This is one of Adrianne Bugg and Brandeis Short of Pillar and Peacock's taglines.  These two creative soul sisters are passionate about working with their clients to create unique and elegant spaces that reflect the true identify of their clients.  I had the pleasure of talking with them about their work.

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Behind the Scenes: The Scout Guide Richmond Outtakes

Preparing for The Scout Guide Richmond was equal parts work & fun.  I wanted to share a couple of behind-the-scene photos with you from our shoot which took place in August 2015. The team was incredible!: Cheney Edmunds, editor, Kim Wadsworth, stylist and make-up artist, John Wadsworth, photographer, and Helmuth Humphrey, photographer. Last but not least fellow artist, Janie Pinney, who is...well, just lovely--like her paintings! 

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DIY: Tips for Stenciling Walls

Before I began painting canvases, I completed my fair share of DIY projects. Though I spend most of my time painting these days, I want to share my past stencil projects and my 5 Tips for Stenciling Walls.

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