designer profile: Double Trouble: Adrianne Bugg and Brandeis Short of Pillar & Peacock

By Lucy Nalen, Marketing Coordinator and Content Writer


Company: Pillar & Peacock

Designers: Adrianne Bugg and Brandeis Short

Location: Irvington, Virginia and Florence, Alabama


“Let’s Create Something Beautiful”.  This is one of Adrianne Bugg and Brandeis Short of Pillar and Peacock's taglines.  These two creative soul sisters are passionate about working with their clients to create unique and elegant spaces that reflect the true identify of their clients.  I had the pleasure of talking with them about their work.



Would you talk a little about your creative process? Sure! We have a three phase process – Find, Focus, Finish. We apply it to all of our jobs, big and small. “Find” is essentially helping our client discover their style. It helps us hone in so that we can move to the “Focus” phase. “Focus” is detailing the design, creating elevations and other drawings needed. “Finish” is exactly that – implementing the design and finishing the space!


What makes your approach to design unique? We are very process oriented, and it works. We are unique in that we adeptly mix styles as needed to create designs that are true to who our client is.


What is your design pet peeve? Seeing the same design in different people’s homes. We want your space to reflect YOU, not the designer.


You have incorporated some of Carson’s artwork into clients’ homes.  Would you tell me about one of your projects? We currently are showing Carson’s artwork in both of our studios! We also had her commission a work for over a fireplace. We love her larger pieces and her nudes!


Words of wisdom on decorating with art: Stay loose and don’t get hung up on placement being “perfect”. Pay attention to scale but in the end a grouping that you thought may not work just might. It’s in the experimenting where genius is created!


Thank you Brandeis and Adrianne!  See more from Pillar & Peacock:


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