Designer Profile: Transform Space with Lesley glotzl

Company: Lesley Glotzl {Interior Decorator}

Designer: Lesley Glotzl

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Lesley Glotzl is an interior decorator that not only strives to bring out the beauty in every space, but she also considers functionality and efficiency in her design. Lesley approaches interior design with the vision that her work will make her clients everyday life much more beautiful and simple.


Lucy: What is your creative process?  


Lesley: I like to meet my client and hear how they use their rooms to get an idea for what will functionally make their lives better and more efficient. No sense making something beautiful if a few months later we realize the room should have had another purpose! At that meeting I try to absorb who they are and how they like to live. I also want to see the things that are precious to them so we can include them and sometimes build a room around them. My goal, then, is to elevate their tastes and favorite objects to a more polished, stylish place.


Lucy: What makes your approach to design unique?


Lesley: I don’t have “my look” that I apply to all projects I work on. I think my work has a wide range of style because my clients do too!


Lucy: How have you incorporated Carson Price artwork in some of the spaces that you’ve designed?


I love that Carson works large. I find that a beautiful large painting can carry a whole room. I have used her abstracts twice in rooms that need an angular counterpoint to antiques and warm woods.



Lucy: What is an art movement that you like?


Lesley: I love Post-Impressionism. Incredible color and funky brushwork.


Lucy: What is your design pet peeve?


Lesley: When an entire room (or house!) is “decorated” to the moon and it looks like a hotel.


Words of wisdom: Don’t be afraid to use a decorator. They can help you see things in your home you may have never noticed and that can make all the difference in having lovely spaces.