Designer Spotlight: "Keep Calm and Trust your Designer" with Leslie Stephens

Company: Leslie Stephens Design  

Designers:  Leslie Stephens, CID, Founder and Brooke Spears, Project Designer  

Location:  The Shops at Libbie and Grove, Richmond VA 


Leslie Stephens takes specific steps through collaboration with her clients to construct a space that satisfies and displays her clients’ tastes while also creating spaces that are sophisticated and beautiful.   

Photo by Brittany Daniel

Photo by Brittany Daniel



Lucy: What is your creative process?


Leslie: We have a collaborative creative process with our clients. Its starts by gathering information, such as personal preferences, priorities and budget through our Lifestyle Questionnaire.  When we visit the space, we establish goals for the project based on specific needs and wants. Then function dictates form, with site analysis and space planning taking precedence as the floor plans are developed. Then, much like a painting, layers of color, texture and scale are added with furniture, textiles and lighting to build a beautiful well-planned environment.



Lucy: What makes your approach to design unique?


Leslie: Every project we work on is unique, and custom designed for the client; we start from scratch with each job. While our projects have thread of similarity among them, its merely because the same artist was involved in each. Our creative process inspired by each individual so no space is alike.


Lucy: You own a Carson Price Painting.  What drew you to the particular piece and what have you done with it in your home?


Leslie: I bought a modern painting from Carson that looks nothing like my house.  I’m always up for trying new things in my home and fell in love with the hot pink and gold accents in her piece. I’m hoping to wake up a pair of traditional moss green needlepoint pillows by adding fuchsia trim inspired by Carson’s painting. 


Lucy: What is an art movement that you like?


Leslie: I really admire traditional Greco-Roman architecture. The classic elements are really the foundation of our urban environment and are timeless when used in the interior.  For example, the patterns of Greek key, egg and dart, and arches are all rooted in traditional architecture.


Lucy: What is your design pet peeve?

Gosh, my biggest peeve is probably when a client hires us for a job but then continues to do the work on their own. While we love collaborating, communication is important so that we’re all on the same page!


Words of wisdom:

Keep calm and trust your Interior Designer!